Child Restraint Violations

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At the Law Offices of Daniel Schulefand, we understand that few things can be as damaging to your well-being and freedoms than having your driver's license revoked. We have devoted our law firm to protecting the people of Miami from harsh penalties surrounding traffic laws, including child restraint violations. Although this violation adds three points to your license, it can actually be paired with criminal violations if it is concluded that the child was put in significant danger due to your actions.

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Understanding Child Restraint Requirements in Florida

Just because you were ticketed for a child restraint violation does not mean that your child was actually insecure in your car. It is possible that the highway patrol officer did not know how your seat belts or child seat operated. In other cases, the child actually moved around after the car was pulled over and came to a complete stop.

Regulations surrounding child restraints require:

  • Any child three or younger to be secured in a federally approved child seat
  • Children four to five in a child seat or secured by a seat belt
  • Small children in the backseat, regardless of age

Remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is buckled up and secure whenever they are inside the car. Depending on the age your child, you could be ticketed even if your child was unbuckled while the car was not in motion.

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A typical child restraint violation will cost you $60 and you might be tempted to just pay that money without a second thought. We encourage you to first consult with our Miami traffic lawyer before you submit any payment and admit guilt. Even though the fine may not seem particularly strict, you need to remember that it will put at least three points onto your license, and that too many points results in an automatic suspension.

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