Has Your License Been Suspended?

Miami Traffic Lawyers Explain License Suspension Causes

You may have been one of the thousands of drivers in Florida who received a license suspension without being aware of the fact. This can happen for a number of reasons:

  • Points on your license
  • Speeding
  • Running red lights
  • Other habitual traffic offenses

However, no matter the reason for the license suspension, a drivers main concern is getting the license reinstated and as quickly as possible. If this has happened to you or a family member you should immediately consult with Attorney Schulefand, whose focus is driver's licenses restoration and traffic ticket defense. The Law Offices of Daniel Schulefand is highly efficient and effective in this area and has successfully handled thousands of cases in Florida. Our firm works to minimize the fines and points you receive and provide you with a strong defense. Receiving a license suspension can adversely affect your life, so contact our Miami traffic ticket defense firm without delay to set up an appointment. We offer our clients a free initial consultation.

Getting Your License Restored

Attorney Daniel Schulefand handles over 100 traffic violation cases per week. It is this kind of know-how, practice and understanding you want from the lawyers working for your defense. Our firm has a sincere desire to help Florida motorists and an impressive track record of success in defending and winning license reinstatement cases.

If your license has been suspended or that of a family member, you can bank on our firm to thoroughly investigate all the viable options to restore your license. We offer the professional services you need with the excellent results you are looking for. Contact our legal team today to begin your license suspension case. Our goal is to minimize fines, avoid the accrual of points and help maintain your driving privileges

Doing whatever it takes to help clients!

Recognizing how a traffic ticket can affect your future, the firm is prepared to do everything that they can to help clients with high-quality, trustworthy legal assistance. No matter the exact circumstances that you are facing, the firm will always apply the same level of care and dedication to the case.

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