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Information Regarding SunPass Violations in Miami

According to statute 316.1001 of Florida State Law, toll facilities require payment of a prescribed toll for use of those facilities. Noncompliance with this statute may result in a penalty of $100 or more, 3 points assessed on your driver's license, suspension of your vehicle registration, or even suspension of your driver's license.

The SunPass is the Florida Department of Transportation's prepaid toll program. It allows for the automatic payment for use of the above-mentioned toll facilities using a prepaid account rather than cash. The system uses a vehicle-mounted transponder containing the driver's SunPass account information. This transponder communicates with the toll booth as the vehicle enters the toll road and debits the person's SunPass account accordingly.

It can happen that you receive a SunPass violation in the form of an unpaid toll. Oftentimes, the violation is not your fault, and can be attributed to circumstances such as:

  • Inaccurate license plate information on your SunPass account.
  • Your transponder is mounted incorrectly or not at all, leading to interrupted function and toll violations.
  • The batteries in the transponder need to be replaced.

If you have wrongfully received a SunPass violation notice, it is a good idea to contact a Miami Toll Violations Attorney as soon as possible. The violation may have occurred due to errors like the ones mentioned above, and an experienced toll violations lawyer will be able get that across in court and possibly minimize the fines levied against you or the points assessed on your driver's license. At the Law Office of Daniel Schulefand, we have the attorneys who have been successfully fighting cases like these for years and may be able to help you come to a favorable outcome in your SunPass violation case.

If you have received a SunPass violation in Florida, contact a toll violation lawyer from the Law Office of Daniel Schulefand for a free consultation today.

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