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Recent Posts in Traffic Tickets Category

9 Things to Know About Traffic Tickets

Each day, police officers throughout Florida issue numerous traffic tickets. Whether for speeding, driving without insurance, or running a red light, it seems that there is no end to the reason a ...
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Ticketed While Visiting Miami?

If you are visiting our city from out of state, you need to realize that Florida has slightly different traffic rules than other states. If you are charged with a traffic ticket or moving citation in ...
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Miami-Dade County Issues over 300,000 Traffic Tickets Every Year

According to a 2004 report by the Florida Driver's Association, Miami-Dade County issued 374,332 traffic tickets for moving infractions in 2004. Almost one-third of the tickets were for speeding, ...
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Fourth of July

Fourth of July weekend is always a great time to celebrate during the summer months. Familes get together, you have time away from work and its the perfect time to let loose. Its also a prime time for ...
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Beware of the Blind Spot

Traffic patterns shift at a moments notice, and with these changes come a whole heap of new things that drivers must be in tune with. In Florida especially, driving is notoriously fraught with the ...
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Would You Look at the Time!

Many drivers take great pride in knowing various routes to get the same destination. You'll ask for directions somewhere and they'll say, "go this way, I promise its the fastest". Although their route ...
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Be Safe this Memorial Day

Gas prices, air fares and grocery bills are steadily rising. These reasons and more will keeps many Florida residents on the homefront this weekend. Compared to a year ago gas prices are on average ...
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Speeding in a Construction Zone - Doubled Up

In a state such as New York people do not rely as much on their personal cars as they do in Florida. New York has an in depth subway system within Manhattan as well as all surrounding boroughs. Trains ...
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School Zone Traffic Violations

School Zones are the everyday drivers worst nightmare. Many times its difficult to tell when one is going to pop up but for the most part people just don't pay close enough attention to the signs. ...
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So you got pulled over for a traffic violation….. now what?

You got pulled over, and now you have a traffic ticket sitting on your desk. You look at the ticket, and: Chances are the officer's handwriting is illegible There are various groups of letters and ...
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Traffic in Miami Ranked Fourth Worst

There are few places in the country with worse traffic than Miami, three to be exact. According to a study conducted by the Texas Traffic Institute, the Miami area was fourth in hours spent in traffic ...
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Deputies Had Quotas in Mind for Traffic Fines

According to the Miami Herald, the Gilchrist County sheriff has officially withdrawn his order that deputies give at least one ticket every shift. Sheriff Daniel Slaughter stated that people had ...
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County Keeps Red Light Cameras

Commissioners in Broward County recently voted against a bill that would remove red light cameras in the area. The area has been divided by people who think the cameras are the city's way of taking ...
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Inaccurate Police Gun Radar Readings

While many people assume that police radar guns are without fault and completely foolproof when identifying drivers who are speeding, there are many cases where these are simply inaccurate. To get an ...
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Reckless Driving Leads To Man Getting Shot

It is being reported that around 8 p.m. in the evening on July 12, a man was speeding and driving recklessly through a neighborhood in Clearwater. The driver, 20-year-old Daniel Calvert, was spinning ...
Continue reading "Reckless Driving Leads To Man Getting Shot" »

Senate Passes Bill To Put Up Automatic Cameras

In late April, Florida Senate passed a bill along with a vote of 30-7 to Governor Charlie Crist that would put up traffic signal cameras to assist in catching those committing moving violations. The ...
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Red Light Cameras

In April 2010, a bill was approved allowing cities to use red light cameras. This month, the new law gets put into action. Many cities in South Florida already have operating cameras, including West ...
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Traffic Ticket Defense

Many people believe that once they receive a traffic ticket/citation, they simply have to pay the fine and move on. This is not the case. You have a legal right to fight your ticket and a traffic ...
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Welcome to our South Florida Traffic Ticket Blog

Our attorneys are pleased to announce the launch of our Traffic Ticket Blog with an RSS Feed Available here.
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