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While Florida's SunPass and MDX systems are generally efficient toll collection systems, thousands of motorists receive toll violations every year — many unknowingly.

The Law Offices of Daniel Schulefand is a South Florida law firm that defends motorists who have received toll violations. There are many ways to fight a toll violation ticket, and the firm will help you explore your options to minimize fines and avoid a license suspension.

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Florida Toll Violation Q & A

How can I dispute a toll violation?

  • The only way to dispute a toll violation is to go court. Toll violations are handled the same way as a speeding ticket.

How many points is a toll violation?

Should I fight the toll violation?

  • Yes. Fighting a toll violation case can save money and reduce your risk of receiving points on your license. A high percentage of cases are dismissed if disputed, and most people have legitimate defenses.

What are some possible defenses of a toll violation?

  • Many motorists are set up on an automatic debit system, but the charge can take up to 24 hours to clear. The dashboard transponder may fail to work properly or its battery may run low. Many other possibilities exist.

What if I am in collections?

  • If you are in collections and you have received a toll violation, the firm can take measures to get you out of collections and start over again. This can save significant money overall.

Should I just pay the fine?

  • No. By paying the fine for a toll violation, you are pleading guilty — even if you unknowingly violated the toll system. If you challenge the violation, there is a good chance that you can have fines reduced and points avoided on your driving record. You may be able to avoid the charge altogether.

To find out more about toll violations in Florida, contact an attorney or call (800) 239-2131.

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