Hit & Run Violations in Florida

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While some traffic violations have a very small impact on your future, a hit and run offense is much different. In some cases, this violation can be classified as a felony and the accused individual faces several years in prison. It is simply not a violation that should be taken lightly.

Florida law states that a hit and run occurs when a person:

  • Is involved in an accident with another person's property; and
  • Willfully leaves the scene of the accident without providing their contact information

If you have been ticketed and charged for this offense, there is no time to waste. Our firm is standing by to prepare an aggressive defense to your charges and pursue the favorable outcome you need. With nearly 20 years of experience and a wealth of legal knowledge, you can count on our Miami traffic lawyer in your time of need.

What are the different types of hit and run charges?

The penalties for a hit and run violation, along with whether it is a misdemeanor or felony, depend on the specific circumstances of the offense. There are three different types of hit and run charges in the State of Florida:

  1. Damaging an unattended vehicle or property
  2. Accidents involving occupied vehicles or property
  3. Accidents causing death or personal injury

The first charge is naturally the least serious and can carry up to 60 days imprisonment and up to a $500 fine. If the damaged vehicles or property held people at the time of the accident, the penalties are similar to the first charge. However, any hit and run accident that causes injury or death is classified as a felony. If convicted, the penalties can include up to 30 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

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With such a serious charge set against you, we understand that you may feel fearful about what the future holds. Fortunately, you do not have to deal with the ramifications alone. Our firm is here to help you navigate the complex legal system and understand the most effective way to fight your unique charges.

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