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Frequently Asked Questions

When facing a traffic ticket violation, it is always a wise move to have a Miami traffic ticket attorney protecting your rights. Although not all violations are serious, when you have one that could impact your driving record and cost you considerably in fines and penalties, getting advice from an attorney should be considered. Below are some frequently asked questions for your information.

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  • Traffic Tickets

    • Should I hire an attorney?

      While many think just paying a traffic ticket is the easy way out, an attorney can help you tremendously with getting charges lowered, fines reduced and possibly even winning your ticket, getting you off completely. Depending on the severity of the violation, a traffic ticket lawyer can sometimes be vital.

    • Can I refuse to sign my ticket?

      You can, but this could lead to other charges for failing to sign it. By signing you are merely agreeing that you will either pay the fine or plead not guilty when you go to court to contest the ticket.

    • If there are errors on the ticket, can I get the ticket dismissed?

      This is a questionable area, with each ticket having to be evaluated individually. Minor errors such as your name or address being misspelled or slightly incorrect don't typically cause a ticket to be dismissed. However, if your vehicle is incorrectly identified, the location of the citation is incorrect or an incorrect vehicle code violation is listed, these could be grounds for dismissal. With the help of the Law Offices of Daniel Schulefand, we know exactly how to handle these errors to your best advantage.

    • If I can prove my speedometer was not working correctly, will my speeding ticket be dismissed?

      Unfortunately not, you are responsible for ensuring your vehicle is in good repair and although the court may take your information into consideration, it is unlikely to absolve you of a speeding ticket. There may be other circumstances on how the ticket was given that can be used to fight the ticket, however.

    • What will happen if I just ignore the ticket?

      It is not recommended to ignore a ticket, especially a moving violation. By not handling it right away you risk a suspended license or even a bench warrant for your arrest. Contacting an attorney to help you fight your ticket is your best option.