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Speeding tickets and other moving violations can have a cumulative effect - get too many and your insurance rates can go up, or you can even lose your driver's license. Many traffic citations, however, are based on shoddy police work or have fatal flaws, and you should not have to be saddled with the consequences of their mistakes. It is possible to beat a traffic ticket based on facts and the law. Even if you cannot beat the ticket, fighting the ticket can lead to a reduction in the fine you pay and the points you receive on your driver's license.

The firm represents clients in traffic violation and license suspension cases throughout all of Florida. Miami traffic ticket attorney Daniel Schulefand is highly efficient and effective, and will work to minimize the fines and points you receive.

Types of Traffic Violations in Florida

The professionals at the firm know that every detail will matter – no matter whether they are looking to get the ticket dismissed entirely, or if they are just hoping to reduce the penalties, they will continue to fight tooth and nail. If you are facing a situation of this nature, contact the firm as soon as possible. They know what you are facing and are fully prepared to offer reliable assistance in every way that they can.

The firm also represents clients threatened with suspension or whose licenses have already been suspended, including clients holding commercial driver's licenses and highly challenging cases involving revoked driver's licenses. The firm, however, does not represent clients charged with DUI.​

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Recognizing how a traffic ticket can affect your future, the firm is prepared to do everything that they can to help clients with high-quality, trustworthy legal assistance. No matter the exact circumstances that you are facing, the firm will always apply the same level of care and dedication to the case.

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The Law Offices of Daniel Schulefand will handle your case with efficiency and integrity. In the overwhelming number of cases, you do not have to appear in court. Attorney Daniel Schulefand or one of his associates can handle everything and provide you with a detailed report on the result of the hearing.

In the time following a traffic violation, it is understandable to be confused by the sheer complexity that surrounds what should be a simple process. It is difficult to fully grasp the twisting language of the law, especially if you have never been forced to grapple with it before. It is absolutely vital that you contact a Miami traffic ticket lawyer. By working closely with their clients, the firm is often able to help clients move forward, clearing their record and successfully combatting the ticket.

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Consult a Traffic Ticket Lawyer Before You Pay a Traffic Fine

Tickets are not the black and white situations that many people assume they are, and in many instances fall into a gray, murky area. Just because you have been given a traffic violation does not mean that you will be forced to live with it. The right lawyer will be able to help you evaluate the case and craft the best solution for your individual case. By paying a traffic fine, you admit your guilt of the charge. Before you take this step, speak with this law office. A traffic ticket lawyer can evaluate your situation and discuss how the firm could minimize the fine you pay and the points you receive. For a free consultation with the firm, contact attorney Schulefand at the office today. The firm represents clients in traffic violation and license suspension cases throughout South Florida.

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