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You may be unaware of the fact that in Florida, if you have received a summons to appear before a court of law for a toll violation that has now become a traffic ticket, you have a legal right to fight that citation. Contact the traffic ticket attorney in Miami without delay to avoid the penalties and fines that could be handed down during your appearance.

At the Law Offices of Daniel Schulefand, our only focus is assisting you with the defense of your traffic violation case. We are dedicated and experienced to provide you with excellent service. Our firm has successfully fought thousands of moving violation cases over the years and saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars in fines. If you are facing a toll violation citation, call our office immediately to set up an appointment. We offer a free initial consultation.

How We Can Help Protect Your Rights

Our firm has over 30 years of experience representing clients facing toll violation charges. Not only could you be given a hefty fine to pay, but you could also have points added on your license or have your license suspended. This could certainly have a disastrous effect on your life and livelihood, if unable to get to work on a daily basis. The good news is that toll violations can be difficult to prove.

If using a toll pass system such as SunPass, your dashboard transponder may fail to work properly or perhaps your payment has not been recorded or failed to clear, through no fault of your own. Due to these technical errors, you may be totally unaware that you are now generating a toll violation ticket each time you pass through the toll gate. Our firm can represent you and handle everything on your behalf, allowing you to continuing working by not having to take the time and trouble of appearing before the courts. We offer the professional services you need with the results you are looking for.

To get all your questions answered regarding toll violations in Florida, Contact a Miami traffic ticket attorney at the Law Offices of Daniel Schulefand today.

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Recognizing how a traffic ticket can affect your future, the firm is prepared to do everything that they can to help clients with high-quality, trustworthy legal assistance. No matter the exact circumstances that you are facing, the firm will always apply the same level of care and dedication to the case.

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