No Valid License Violations in Florida

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It can happen to anyone, forgetting to renew your license or not even knowing your license is now invalid and then being stopped for a traffic violation while driving to work, or worse taking the kids to school. In Florida, it is against the law to drive unless you have a valid driver's license. Unlike a speeding ticket, driving without a valid license is not merely a traffic violation; rather, it is viewed as a criminal defense. As a misdemeanor, this violation can lead to penalties including as much as 60 days in jail and a $500 fine.

If you or someone you know has been charged with driving without a valid license or a suspended license, it is important to contact a traffic ticket attorney in Miami immediately to safeguard your rights.The Law Offices of Daniel Schulefand, located in Miami, Florida offers aggressive and skilled legal representation to those who are facing any suspended license charges. For immediate assistance with your case, call our office without delay. We have a no-cost initial consultation to help look at all the alternatives available to you.

Your Driving Record Is Important

Attorney Daniel Schulefand can examine your case and explain all the options available to you as you fight for a dismissal of your no valid driver's license charge. The firm is ready to represent you in court, appearing on your behalf as you work to support your family. Fortunately, you have the benefit of the doubt. In order for you to be convicted as charged, the prosecution has to provde evidence indicating that the alleged offense occurred beyond a reasonable doubt. You don't want a criminal charge on your driving record that will follow you for years and adversely affect your life, so call and speak to one of our attorneys who are experienced with the laws and regulations of the Florida Motor Vehicle code.

Contact the Miami traffic ticket attorney at the Law Offices of Daniel Schulefand to discuss your license.

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Recognizing how a traffic ticket can affect your future, the firm is prepared to do everything that they can to help clients with high-quality, trustworthy legal assistance. No matter the exact circumstances that you are facing, the firm will always apply the same level of care and dedication to the case.

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