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Reckless Driving Leads To Man Getting Shot


It is being reported that around 8 p.m. in the evening on July 12, a man was speeding and  driving recklessly through a neighborhood in Clearwater. The driver, 20-year-old Daniel Calvert, was spinning his wheels and abruptly stopping and starting again when 39-year-old Mohamed El-Shaeir, who was unloading his vehicle with his wife, requested that he desist.

Calvert then stopped his vehicle, began to yell racial slurs as he approached El-Shaeir, before hitting him in the face.  After the first punch was thrown, El-Shaeir reached into his car and removed his firearm. After Calvert again hit El-Shaeir in the face, El-Shaeir reached for the gun and fired, shooting Calvert in the leg.

Calvert was taken to the hospital, but the injuries were non-fatal. He was later charged with battery. El-Shaeir was arrested for culpable negligence and carrying a concealed firearm, but was later released.

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