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Ticketed While Visiting Miami?


If you are visiting our city from out of state, you need to realize that Florida has slightly different traffic rules than other states. If you are charged with a traffic ticket or moving citation in Florida, you cannot simply ignore the ticket. The Miami-Dade County Clerk of Court states that a court hearing will be held to determine if a violation has been committed. If you are found guilty, the court may impose a civil penalty up to $500.00 or require attendance at traffic school, or both. If your violation involved a death or speeding in a school or construction zone, you may be fined up to $1,000.

You may think that you leave behind your traffic ticket when you return to your home state, but the state of Florida cooperates with other states in the reporting of traffic violations. Thanks to a cross-reporting system called the Driver License Agreement, a traffic violation in another state can result in increases in your car insurance premiums. It is important to pay the ticket promptly so that it doesn't appear as an unpaid ticket and so that you don't have to appear in Miami court and incur additional travel costs.

If you feel that your ticket was undeserved, a Miami traffic ticket attorney from our firm can aggressively defend your side of the story in court. When you choose to work with the legal team at Daniel Schulefand & Associates, we handle every aspect of your case to minimize the consequences you will face. Attorney Daniel Schulefand has extensive experience in handling traffic ticket cases for out-of-state visitors, and he understands the many types of errors that police officers can make in issuing citations. To begin receiving the legal support and representation you need, contact a Miami traffic ticket lawyer today!