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Traffic Ticket Defense

Many people believe that once they receive a traffic ticket/citation, they simply have to pay the fine and move on.  This is not the case.  You have a legal right to fight your ticket and a traffic ticket attorney at the Law Offices of Daniel Schulefand may be able to give you the help that you need.

At the firm, we focus on handling traffic tickets and toll violations exclusively.  We know how to handle these types of cases and we have extensive experience in the area.  In some cases, receiving a traffic ticket can result in serious penalties such as fines and license suspension. 

An experienced lawyer may be able to evaluate your case in order to determine the best solution for your situation.  With the help of an attorney, you could be able to avoid fines and other punishments associated with traffic tickets and toll violations and restore your license, if necessary.

Contact the firm today to discuss your traffic ticket case.