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When will the 595 Construction End?


When will the Traffic on Interstate 595 ever end? Each and everyday traffic is magnified by the on-going constuction. In addition there is guaranteed to be an accident each and every day. As i listen to the radio to and from work I always hear about an accident on 595 right around University drive where the construction and traffic are most rampant.

This leaves many of us asking, is anything even going to be different after its all said and done?

Well it acutally is. Due to Florida's wet and clammy weather, swerving and weaving has always been an issue especially while on the enter and exit ramps. In an effort to increase drivier safety, the Florida Highway Commision has made these ramps braided. This will drastically cut down on accidents as many of them happen on the ramps.

As Florida does its best to make our roads safer, so should its drivers. Its very important to be careful as we drive especially in inclement weather, we need to slow down and be aware of whats ahead of us as its very difficult to stop on these slippery, hot surfaces. So remember drive safe, but if you make a mistake don't hesitate to contact Daniel Schulefand, your Florida Traffic Lawyer.