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So you got pulled over for a traffic violation….. now what?


You got pulled over, and now you have a traffic ticket sitting on your desk. You look at the ticket, and:

  • Chances are the officer's handwriting is illegible
  • There are various groups of letters and numbers that mean nothing to you
  • You can't figure out how much you're going to have to pay
  • You wonder...When is this due? Where do I send it? Do I have to appear in court?
  • You worry about what this ticket will mean for your driver's license and insurance rates
So, you try calling the phone number on the ticket, and:

  • There's a long automated menu
  • You don't know which of the many options to choose
  • You enter the wrong numbers or have to start over
  • The ticket isn't in their system yet
  • You can't figure out how to speak to a real live person
What can you do now?

1. Pay the large fines, and hope for the best
  • You can try to find out what you owe
  • Cut them a hefty check and hope for the best
  • Hope and pray that the violation was non-point bearing
2. Do it without a traffic lawyer, and represent yourself in court
  • Begin the long, complicated search for where, when and what to bring
  • Miss an entire day of work
  • Blindly attempt to find your name on the extensive complex court docket  
  • Spend hours looking for your time and room number, waiting for your case to be heard
  • Pretend you're familiar with courtroom etiquette
  • Give your best excuse the judge has heard hundreds of times
  • End up writing that same whopping check and accept the undesired points on your license
  • Make that discouraging drive home with less money, emotionally defeated, and fervently hoping you don't get pulled over again
3. Let an expert take care of it
  • Go to   and click to instantly speak to an experienced professional
  • Let your Florida Traffic Attorney with over 20 years of experience handle the case for you
  • Get a phone call updating you on the status of your case
  • Stand a much higher chance of minimizing the penalties and fines
  • Drive on with confidence and get back to your life

So, in summary, while you could take matters in to your own hands, you should let Daniel Schulefand, a Traffic and Criminal Lawyer who has done this hundreds of thousands of times, get you great results. 

The choice is easy: