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School Zone Traffic Violations

School Zones are the everyday drivers worst nightmare. Many times its difficult to tell when one is going to pop up but for the most part people just don't pay close enough attention to the signs. Often times people are daydreaming and maintaining their normal speed and unintentionally violating the law. There are two main violations most commonly associated with school zones; speeding and passing a stopped school bus.
Speeding in a School Zone:
  • when entering a school zone there will be a sign with flashing lights
  • the speed limit will drop significantly (ex: 30mph will turn into 20mph or 15 mph)
  • points are doubled in school zones
  • fines are doubled in school zones
  • there is an unwritten law that its okay to stay within 10 mph of the speed limit without getting pulled over (fact or myth?)
  • if you are doing 40mph in a 30mph zone then a school pops up you're actually doing 40mph in a 20mph School Zone
  • if you get pulled over, not only will you be ticketed for speeding but in addition your ticket will say "speeding in a school zone"
  • its essentially like going 40mph over the speed limit.
  • your license will be penalized heavily in terms of points
  • you will be forced to pay escalated fines and fees
  • you may be required to go to driving school depending what types of violations you have committed in the past
  • so the dilemma is, how do I deal with these infractions?
Passing a Stopped School Bus
  • These days many jobs coincide with school hours, they begin early in the morning and they finish up just as the schools are letting out. People are exhausted from work and are just trying to make it home to catch their breath. Take for instance you're turning on your street doing the speed limit and just as you turn into your drive way you spot a police car behind you with it's lights on. At that point you see the bus behind you and realize you have just passed a stopped school bus.
  1. passing a school bus while stopped is a 4 point infraction
  2. these citations carry heavy fines and fees
  3. they may impact your insurance rates if found guilty
  4. you may already have a lot of points on your license and this could get your license suspended
  5. dealing with a suspended license is a whole other issue
  6. is it worth it to show up to court and take the legal and financial beating?
  7. this traffic violation could be even more of a hassle if you pass a stopped bus in a school zone.
When it comes to dealing with traffic violations especially touchy ones such as school zone violations it best to trust a professional with proven results. Daniel Schulefand P.A will gladly give you a free, detailed consultation. When it comes your drivers license don't take anything lightly. Confide in you Miami Traffic Lawyer.