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Fourth of July


Fourth of July weekend is always a great time to celebrate during the summer months. Familes get together, you have time away from work and its the perfect time to let loose. Its also a prime time for law enforcment to be on full alert, staffing the streets with the police to maintain a strong guard during this holiday.

Keep in mind as you enjoy the fireworks, that police on the streets are on higher alert than usual for drunk and careless drivers. In many cases there are DUI check points along heavily trafficked routes. There is zero tolerance for driving under the influence and the liklihood of drivers being pulled over is at its peak. Broken tail lights, swerving, speeding - any violation may result in you being pulled over, and if alcohol is involved, the pealties are not insignificant.

Practice safe driving in Florida this Fourth of July. And if anything happens to go wrong contact your Traffic Lawyer, Daniel Schulefand. If there was ever a time to rely on a designate driver, this is it. Don't risk all of the legal ramifications of a traffic violation or a DUI. If you do find yourself with a ticket or DUI around this time - remember that it's better to rely on an expert to help you navigate the world of traffic law and violations. Call your trusted Florida Traffic Lawyer, Daniel Schulefand or visit our website @