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3 DMV Employees Arrested in Broward County

This seems to have become a trend in South Florida as in Palm Beach 5 DMV employees were arrested for doing the same. At the conclusion of the article a Broward DMV supervisor stated: "The bottom line to our agency is we put a lot of time and effort training these folks and we are committed to ensuring the security and integrity of the driver's license issuance process." Now this has happened twice in a small timespan, is there any reason why this couldn't be happening throughout the state of Florida as well as any other state with high amounts of illegal immigrants. I guess for lack of a better term, who can you trust? 

There was an apparent ring leader in this operation. Rolin Pierre was indicted once again last week for re-entering the country illegally after being deported twice before. The employees themselves face up to 15 years in prison on charges of producing a false driver's license and conspiracy to produce a false driver's license. 
Say these were just fake IDs, you know the ones you buy on the street that actually do scan and can pass a real driver's license just as long as you don't present it to an officer of the law. The key difference here is that these people with no legitimate legal documents would actually be posted in the system as real, fullproof licensed drivers. This would make it realistic for them to get jobs in which they became listed as employees via W-2, as well as increase their chances of being accepted for social security. So this small local crime, is in turn a federal offense, and not only against the state of Florida. So why are the accused not being held on counts of conspiracy to commit fraud against the federal government?

Well you have to stick to facts of what you've got and what we have here lies within the state of Florida. The people who were trying to obtain the licenses were also indicted. Now couldn't this all have been different had the suspects gone through attorneys with the proper authority and means to obtain drivers licenses. Most attorneys these days realize that lump sums are a thing of the past. Many people cannot come up with the money to pay in full. So although it was in many ways cheaper for the accused to choose this illegal process, they could have just as easily hired an attorney and designed a payment plan.

Daniel Schulefand P.A. has the authority and capability to obtain drivers licenses for immigrants new to the country. In addition the Law Offices of Daniel Schulefand deals with the DMV on a daily basis, so you can 100% trust that he will make sure every document sent and received is completely legal and proper. We also construct payment schedules pursuant to our client's financial capabilities and preferences. There is no way of knowing if the legal action you submit is valid. Thats why so many people trust us with their traffic tickets, moving violations, DUI cases, citations, and license renewal and redemption. 

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