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Speeding in a Construction Zone - Doubled Up

In a state such as New York people do not rely as much on their personal cars as they do in Florida. New York has an in depth subway system within Manhattan as well as all surrounding boroughs. Trains and buses fill the city along with the infamous yellow taxi cabs. The Metro North Railroad spans from Grand Central Station in midtown, all the way up to Connecticut. The New Jersey Transit runs throughout the entire state of NJ and stops in Pennsylvania Station. The Long Island Railroad assists commuters residing throughout the entire island no matter where the location completing each route in Pennsylvania Station. And then of course theres the nation wide Amtrak, connecting people via train to various destinations north, south, east and west. 

But lets face it Florida doesn't come close to offering the amount of public transportation that New York has, the state's trains are restricted to the Tri-Rail running from South Beach all the way up the East coast of Florida. Sure there are buses, but nowhere near the convenience of a centralized metropolitan area like New York City. So where do Florida residents turn? Well they all pretty much rely on their own cars for just about everything. When you have to depend on your car for all of your transportation the chances of getting a traffic ticket are significantly increased. 

The legal ramifications for traffic offenses such as speeding, careless and reckless driving and driving with a suspended license are severe. Drivers found guilty can face ramifications of rising costs for insurance coverage, costly fines and even face a losing their driving privilege via D-6 Suspension. While the fines imposed for speeding are already high in the Miami Area, tack on a construction zone and the fines double. The traffic fines associated with construction zone violations near amounts close to a thousand dollars. 

The good news about construction zones is that they are not operating 24 hours a day. So an officer cannot issue a speeding citation in a construction without the presence of workers at the site of the work and/or construction equipment. In order to be issued a traffic citation for speeding in a construction zone there must be ample warning before entering such as: notice of the new speed limit and a sign that states: "fines are doubled in construction zones". Now just because this is protocol does not in any way mean that officers don't issue tickets without these warnings. Be aware that construction can happen both on and next to the road. 

Many people panic after receiving a speeding ticket in a construction zone, and they immediately zoom to the clerk's office or courthouse to pay it off without considering the damage it can do to their license. There is of course an increased penalty for speeding in a construction zone but in addition the amount of points are nearly doubled for each speeding interval. For example, being gunned down for speeding 1 to 9 mph costs $156.00 and 30 mph plus nears $1000.00 dollars. Each and every time you are issued a citation for a violation containing points, you make yourself vulnerable to increased auto insurance rates and even license suspension (D-6 Suspension). 

To be sure that you are utilizing all resources when fighting tickets, contact an experienced Miami Traffic Attorney aka Miami Traffic Lawyer. Daniel Schulefand P.A has been practicing traffic law and handling traffic citations across the state of Florida for 20 years. His experience yields the best results. So if you get caught speeding in a construction zone 20 mph over trust that Daniel Schulefand can reduce the fines and most importantly minimize and even eliminate the points assessed to your driver's license. 

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