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Would You Look at the Time!


Many drivers take great pride in knowing various routes to get the same destination. You'll ask for directions somewhere and they'll say "Go this way, I promise its the fastest." Although their route may be the fastest, or the shortest distance, people often ignore the clock and, quite often, the time is our best compass.

Paying attention to the time will help improve your driving in so many different ways. For one you'll avoid crowded, exhausted routes which takes time away from any given day. In addition paying attention to the time combined with listening to the news to hear the traffic will help to avoid accidents as well as areas that are prone to wrecks.

For all of those fast drivers out there, the last thing they are looking to do is sit in bumper to bumper for an hour. So say, rather than take I-595, they can opt to take Sunrise Ave or Broward Ave, although there are lights they are the quickest routes running east to west and vice versa from Ft. Lauderdale to I-75.

Avoiding a heavy rush hour route such as I-595 will greatly decrease the likelihood of an accident. The last thing anybody wants is to crash, but even more so when it comes to rear-ending someone. Rear-Ending someone will not only get you a ticket for Reckless Driving, a banged up car but it will also get you a dreaded increase on your insurance rates. As far as your driver license goes, that time spent accelerating due to a lack of patience combined with frustration could result in points on your record.

Now say this driver opted to take Broward Avenue. Not only would there be less people on the road and no construction, but Broward has the least number of lights in comparison to Sunrise and Oakland Park.

People often take driving for granted and just view it as a uniform means for transportation. But what if everybody took a step backwards and got a little educated on the roads they utilize most everyday? If everyone took a little time to notice traffic trends, including construction zones, they could very well decrease they're chances of getting in accidents and running into traffic.

Each time you are on a road, whether or not its crowded, take a look at your watch and link the amount of traffic to the time of day. After you log the time, think about alternative routes that pose less of a threat. Think of traffic as a catalyst to more dangerous and costly traffic incidents.

For example, I live in Sunrise and I need to get to an appointment on Oakland Park and A1A. My appointment is at 6:30 pm on a Tuesday night. In the past, I have gone straight down Oakland Park and sat in traffic and I noticed that there are quite a few lights. Keeping this in mind, I now think about alternative routes.

I think about I-595, but notice that its 5:45 pm and in the thick of rush hour. I also realize that I-595 is too far south of my destination, so that route is out. I then mull over Broward and Sunrise, and think about Sunrise, but I know theres a decent amount of traffic and once I get downtown I then have to head north. But, having paid close attention to the routes I have taken in the past I realize that as you head East Broward Ave gets closer and closer to Oakland Park. I have now reached my decision: I will take Broward Avenue all the way East and then proceed north to get to my destination.

By taking the time to choose my road carefully I not only avoid traffic but I avoid lights as well. So now it is less likely that I will get a ticket and get into a fender bender. As a result of avoiding those two issues, I will not get any points on my license nor will my insurance rates increase.

Even if you take the time to carefully plan your route, there's still a very solid chance that you can run into some trouble. So, if you happen to get caught up, don't fret over the situation -- give your Florida Traffic Attorney a call and you can get back to your daily life without the added anxiety.