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Beware of the Blind Spot


Traffic patterns shift at a moments notice, and with these changes come a whole heap of new things that drivers must be in tune with. In Florida especially, driving is notoriously fraught with the state's own unique laws. If you're operating a motor vehicle in the Sunshine State, you have to be consious of the climate's impact on driving conditions. Afternoon showers always impact the the roads as well as visibility. Wild-life is an ever present concern in swampy areas. The highway system has many unlit areas with heavy freight traffic. Every situation is unique so being continuously aware of your blind spot - the area of the road that is out of your line of vision - is especially critical. Every car and every driver also has its own unique blind spot so you have to consider how that will impact your travel.

There's another Blind Spot that Florida Drivers need to consider, and this one may be new to you. In Florida when you recieve a traffic citation or speeding ticket , are you always aware of how the ticket or citation will impact your license? The fine is only the tip of the iceberg, and many drivers don't realize that even if you pay each and every fine the points towards your license still remain. That's right, just because you clear the charge, you can't avoid the points, that stay on your record for a year, and have the tenency to increase insurance rates.

This Blind Spot can really end up hurting you, so its best to consult a Floirda Traffic Lawyer to help you avoid costly fines and make sure your record stays in tact.